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I should add I respect Jack's position and his ongoing assistance here, but I don't believe ASUS have made a good call on this. It still has the Asus brand on the front, so not a good PR exercise in crippled updates, IMHO.Deliberately "poisoning" perfectly good units with sneaky firmware upgrades always leaves a bad taste ... There would be a lot of these in the field now and a lot will seep down to unsuspecting buyers by less than scrupulous sellers. He has so far been pretty adamant it couldn't be done because of the closed-source proprietary blobs that AIMesh (amongst increasingly other stuff as well) is in within the firmware ... Hi Stephen H and cods69, The TM-AC1900 is manufactured for T-Mobile and sold as Wi Fi cellspot for T-Mobile customers with the selected feature sets highlighted in the agreement.The conversion guide I used was: The final setup at the house was as follows (incase anyone is interested): 1.

Router and Access Points both bands (2.4/5) running the same SSID and TX Power outputs balanced.Stephen H That's why I was confused by the alarm, as I'm on on the 88U and updated the 68U to RT-AC68U_3.0.0.4_384_20308-gead790prior to the meshing.I had not seen there was a newer 20624 version for the 68U out.That being said, here are the risks:- You are buying second hand units.- Warranty only through this guy, as modified devices are not covered by T-Mobile, while this is not considered an ASUS product.If he runs away, so will your warranty.- Your device will have significantly lower 5GHz primarily due to US allows lower antenna power comparing with OZ.- Be restricted to current hacked build of firmware and no more. regards, I got one of these and they work perfectly. Latest official firmware on both before setting up the 68U wired node with an 88U.

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If they are not pre-hacked, you'll need to do it yourself, which is not a beginner task, but after that you can put the standard Asus firmware on and it works perfectly.

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