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Human resource departments call upon us to investigate the background of job applicants to see if they have really done what they claim and if they are who they say they are.Landlords call upon us to do background checks of prospective tenants in order to avoid a costly eviction process at a later date.Paralegals are on staff and can assist with filling out legal forms and preparing court pleadings.They can explain complex legal terms and processes to you in an understandable way.We didn’t take into account every city or tiny collective of people in the country—we just looked at the 200 biggest metropolises, by population, and figured out from those (using info from the U. Census, Bureau of Labor, and other sources) which were the dating deserts. And when you start thinking about where to go, check out the 50 Cities with the Best Singles Scenes in America.

We assist in crime scene investigation and use our experience in private investigations to find evidence of all types of fraud, including financial fraud and internet fraud.We are committed to our clients’ privacy and conduct our investigations and security assignments with complete discretion.We are Advanced Group of Investigators, proud of the caliber of personnel within our organization, all trained by law enforcement and investigation experts, and most are current or former members of the law enforcement and military community.These Private Investigations include but are not limited to Corporate Investigation, White collar crimes, Fraud, Criminal Investigation, Missing Persons, Child Custody, Child Support, Asset Searches, Matrimonial and Divorce, Surveillance, GPS Tracking, Electronic Countermeasures, Debugging and Computer Forensics.With combined experience of over 100 years; in the private investigations, paralegal services & polygraphs.

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Our lead investigator, “MJ”, has been a legal investigator working with professional attorneys on family law, criminal law, car accidents, personal injury, civil litigation, employment law and more for over 20 years.

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