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Quite often Catholics get frustrated by what I call the doctrinal dance.asked about Purgatory, Mary, the Pope, the Sacraments all in rapid fire succession.Catholic apologetics encompasses all of Christian apologetics - since Catholicism is the fullness of Christianity - but Catholic apologetics tends to focus on those truths of Christianity that are not generally believed by non-Catholic Christians.During the recording, in which Woodward can be heard shouting incoherently in the background, Mr Fairclough says: 'I think my girlfriend has taken a lot of drugs and is throwing a lot of stuff around the house.' When the operator asks if she is on drugs, he replies 'yes, she’s definitely on cocaine at least', causing Woodward to shout 'I'm not!

So, how can we "always be prepared" to make a defense of our Faith?

Your partner managed to partly restrain you, albeit you then started to turn the knife on yourself and he had to further disarm you to prevent further self-harm.'When the emergency services arrived it was abundantly clear that you were intoxicated, deeply distraught and mentally disturbed.

You were taken to the police station in a very distressed state.'Fortunately the wounds your partner received were relatively minor.

#3) If you are ever asked a question about your Faith that you cannot answer, don't worry.

Truths which the articles of our Faith rest upon and build upon.

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