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Caitlin "Kate" Todd was a former Secret Service Agent who prior to joining NCIS and becoming an NCIS Special Agent was originally assigned to the USS Presidential Protective Detail on board Air Force One.

However, following the events of Yankee White (episode), she resigned from the Secret Service for good after it was revealed that she'd been in a relationship with a Marine Major who was later murdered.

Kate's primary talent was to compose profiles of suspects that her colleagues at the Secret Service and NCIS would after. As a Secret Service agent, Kate was trained to use firearms.

After becoming an NCIS Special Agent, Kate kept training to use firearms and as a federal officer, was trained to lethally or non-lethally incapacitate or kill a suspect that was either endangering her life or the lives of herself and her colleagues.

That later caused Tony to grow up in a sense and although Tony remained the same, he later developed a strong, almost fierce need to protect his NCIS colleagues from harm, presumably for the sake of Tony ensuring that they would not die the same way Kate had.

In the field or in the office, Kate often wore t-shirts, skirts, trousers and jeans.Kate's position on the team which was left vacant after her murder was later taken over by Ari's control officer and half-sister and later NCIS Special Agent Ziva David on a permanent basis and then following Ziva's departure nine years later by NSA agent Eleanor Bishop who subsequently became an NCIS Probationary Agent.The daughter of an unnamed father and mother, Kate was born and raised in Indianapolis, growing up with three older brothers and a sister, Rachel Todd who would later become a Doctor with Kate and Rachel not having a close relationship.Kate had shoulder-length brown or blackish hair and brown eyes.In her debut appearance, she wore a suit composed of a black jacket, black trousers and heels with first a pearl necklace and later a choker of some sort which presumably served as a uniform that she had as part of her job as a Secret Service agent assigned to the Presidential Protection detail on Air Force One.

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Her codename was "Rosefern" and as such, she was one of the many agents charged with protecting the President of the United States.