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Heading into his second decade, Goodell must keep his golden goose happy while remaining the leading defender of football’s viability amid an onslaught of escalating questions about the sport’s safety.

At 6-5, 245 (plus) pounds, Newton lines up under center – or often in the shotgun – with an unprecedented combination of size and athleticism.

Jerry Jones Here’s what can happen when a man risks his entire fortune to realize a dream of owning an NFL team: He instantly becomes the most despised man in Texas for firing legendary coach Tom Landry.

His most lasting achievement is the ratification of a 10-year collective bargaining agreement that ended the 132-day lockout of 2011.

Despite a relative lack of superstars during his 16 years in New England – Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Rob Gronkowski are rare exceptions – Belichick has built an AFC East champion 13 times, reached the conference championship game 10 times and won four of six Super Bowl appearances in that span.

It’s a remarkable outlier of a feat in the post-free agency, parity-driven NFL.

And you can bet that Jones will be in the middle of the next big NFL deal.

He’s already sent signals that he’ll back a potential move to Las Vegas by the Oakland Raiders.

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He redefines the sports marketing game and transforms a money-sucking stadium into a profit center. He generates a boatload of money with the most visible franchise in the NFL – and along the way becomes the ultimate game-changer at the heart of soaring league revenues. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys has long maintained rank among the NFL elite – be it players, coaches or commissioner – and is USA TODAY Sports' choice atop the list of the NFL’s 100 Most Important People.