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He said he couldn't tell if any of Theresa's medication or clothing was missing, and eventually told police he would have to consult with his attorney before answering any more questions.Police checked several area hospitals with psychiatric units to see if Lockhart had checked in.PORTAGE, MI - As investigators worked to locate Christopher Lockhart's missing wife, Lockhart was busy chasing other women and not helping police until he ultimately killed himself five months later.When Portage police first contacted Lockhart about his missing wife on May 20, he said Theresa Lockhart came home the evening of May 18, packed her bags and said she would be leaving.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of interfering with electronic communications for cutting a neighbor's phone, internet and air conditioning lines.

In the note, Lockhart describes that he buried his wife's body in the Allegan State Game Area the day after killing her.

His note was accompanied by a hand-drawn map leading detectives to Theresa's body.

"I am so sorry for this horrible act," Lockhart wrote.

"I apologize to her mother, friends, family and the community for this senseless act.

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He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of assault and battery, completed 10 hours of community service and ultimately had the conviction dismissed.