Sex chat with boys robot chat

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Sex chat with boys robot chat

But each time I felt that way the main computer rearranged my thoughts so that I complied with the program.

The sadness just went away and I returned to my maid duties.

My days seem to merge into one, wake up feeling refreshed, make breakfast and wake everybody with coffee, and then whilst they are eating make the beds, take the washing to the laundry, wash the dishes and clear away.

Clean the apartment from top to bottom, even though it didn’t need cleaning, the program stated that I had to perform these tasks as directed, each time I tried to vary the main computer intervened and corrected my mind and actions.

What are the program guidelines for waste disposal and when is she going to eat, I haven’t seen her eat yet.” “She won’t need to eat as much, though she will require some food & water during the day, we have set times for her feeding, which is about an hour from now,” Valerie replied, “You’re right to be concerned with your maid-bot, she is part human after all! “So her neural side is the part that is not human at the moment.

That’s under our control” “It’s not permanent is it? “No, only while she’s wearing the collar, though we could make it permanent if you wish! “Think on it” They were interrupted by my walking into the kitchen to wash dishes, “Excuse me madams, I need to wash the breakfast things.” I said, my mind happy to see Jean again, I wanted to speak properly to tell her how much I was enjoying this and to thank her for proposing me as their test subject, but I was unable to communicate with her due to the maid-bot protocols overriding me.

A green light indicated that I was now ready and I set off to perform my duties as instructed, during the day I received several orders, some verbally and others via the computer for things the boys wanted.

It seemed to me that their project was turning a fully grown woman into their personal plaything, I wondered to myself how long it would be before requests of a more ‘personal nature’ would be made of me and would I just perform them as commanded.

This all felt natural to me that whilst I was discharging waste they were there watching me, but I felt in my head deep embarrassment that they were looking at me, I think I even blushed.

I seemed to more efficient under this control, less energy required to perform tasks.

And less time taken to do them, I was having a wonderful time without a care in the world as I continued with my duties.

Email Feedback | Forum Feedback © Copyright 2017 - Gromet - Used by permission Storycodes: FM /f; f2maidbot; uniform; servant; project; collar; mindcontrol; program; controlled; pod; recharge; discovery; FF; lesbian; embaressed; reprogram; sexbot; tease; used; mast; oral; sex; anal; cons/nc; X Part 2: Sex-bot The next morning I awoke refreshed with what seemed to me to be the best sleep ever, my body felt more alive than it ever had and I really felt good and looked forward to my day as a maid-bot.

I had spent the night still dressed in my maid uniform, I straightened myself out as I disconnected from the machine, something seemed in my mind to be missing but I couldn’t yet place what it was.

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I now plugged myself in without a second thought; it just seemed to me to be the natural thing to do, to plug in my collar and the plugs down below, now inserted into me to stop any spillage.

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