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Angered that Warners owned the master recordings of his extensive catalogue, including "1999" and "When Doves Cry," he had begun appearing with the word "slave" scrawled on his face in eyeliner.In a gesture of freedom on his 35th birthday, he changed his given name (Prince Rogers Nelson, named after the Prince Rogers jazz trio, in which his father, John Nelson, and mother, Mattie Baker, both sang) to a glyph of his own creation. Londell Mc Millan, the entertainment lawyer and friend who worked out the Artist's release from the contract. Now he's more empowered, at peace." "Are we going to talk about the latest fashions?On February 14, 1996, they wed in a small ceremony in Minneapolis. Everything is wonderful." The couple did endure a heartbreaking loss in 1996 when their only child, Boy Gregory, died a week after birth from Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare skeletal disorder.Though they annulled the marriage in 1998, igniting rumors that they'd split, the Artist says it ain't so. The Artist has been reticent to speak of the death."You can't promote [some of] these crazy hip-hop records and say you represent God," says the Artist, who blames the corporate structure, not the hip-hop musicians themselves, for rewarding insolent behavior. In a few hours the hoops fan will be off to Oakland to attend the NBA All-Star Game. "That's part of being free." His liberation, he says, dates from 1996 and the release of Emancipation, his first album after extricating himself from his contract with Warner Bros.

Step back in time and take a peek into their dream world. But for the second time in two days, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince is in a playful mood. "Hi, this is the Artist," he had said in an unexpected afternoon phone call, clearing up the problem of how to address a man with an unpronounceable name. For one thing, the Internet ensures that his deep-timbred voice will not be covertly sampled (he forbids taping in interviews).

I later found him hiding." Despite the Artist's spurts of recalcitrance, it seems that Garcia's innate serenity and maybe the little slice of heaven they have found in Marbella have had a calming effect on him. Returning the compliment, the Artist observes, "Mayte has helped me in subtle ways.

By putting animals in front of me to teach me how to respect that life.

There are also visual reminders of the bond between the Artist and Garcia: His symbol intertwined with the letter M adorns the house, the china, and the slipcovers on the dining room chairs.

With her angelic face and quiet demeanor, Garcia, 26, seems out of place in this trendy New York boite, where nearby club-goers are "smoking something I don't want to smell," she says.

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And he seems right at home on the Net, where the odd semantic contortions he has long favored--2 for "two," u for "you"--can seem normal.