Single celibate dating

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The best man was very attractive and, after a lot to drink, I went to bed with him. I married him the next week, gave up my business, sold my house, put all my money into stocks and moved to LA.But in 2000 the stock market crashed and I lost pretty much everything within a couple of weeks.'Questioning sex makes people very uneasy and there's a lot of stigma about not having sex,' says Hephzibah Anderson, who wrote the memoir Chastened (Vintage, £7.99) after choosing to be celibate for a year.'But most of us will go through a dry spell at some point, and some people just aren't that into it. One of the reasons I wrote the book was to try to bring celibacy back as an option.' While people may dip in and out of celibacy, asexuality tends to be a permanent state.

We shouldn't make moral judgments.' Shirley Yanez, 54, a life coach from Leicester, has not had sex for nine years I had been sexually active from about 13 and was never really told anything about the dangers of unprotected sex.

I became more and more successful, but also more lonely.

Then, in 1999, I went to Los Angeles to be maid of honour for my best friend.

You can't hide your true emotions when you're having sex. If you ever get confused, ask yourself: Would you date a celibate man?

Would you want to pick him up, take him out on dates, buy him dinner, spend your hard-earned money and not even get a kiss (much less an orgasm)? After all, as the old saying goes, if you don't use it, you lose it.

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