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He didn't see that much of her since she lived up state but she was always mollycoddling him and bringing him weird gifts. The pants fit him tightly in the crotch and butt, had those flashy brass buttons in the front and wide flares at the legs.The white dress shirt had ruffles of all things at the collar and cuffs.

A white straw hat with red satin band, white nylon socks and bright red patent leather Mary Jane styled shoes completed the outfit.

On her last visit, she brought him violet colored cotton sheets with a matching satin comforter and pillow covers with white lace accents. * Rodger was more like a shadow in Margaret's world keeping to the sidelines.

He ran the household, supervising the cleaning and gardening staff when they showed up.

Instead, he got that stupid Ken doll with a bunch of Barbie clothing to dress him in.

On his last birthday, she sent him a music box with a twirling ballerina on top.

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He had had his own problems with the outside world and was happy to be isolated from prying eyes.

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