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Take a look into the world of New York's queer vogue ballroom scene.

Follow the lives of 4 fabulous voguers and 1 incredible commentator as they prepare to compete, face personal challenges and strive to take their lives to the next level.

I think we've already met them.'Did you guys have a strategy going in, that like, differed from the first time on the show? R51, I have no connection to any of the Drag Race queens involved so this is only an armchair theory: Katya may have informed Trixie of her current condition and plans before going public. Thorgy Thor has to be one of the most basic and unoriginal queens to gain a large following. He can't so he wears his underwear, some wizard of oz face paint and pretends he's something more than a go go boy. R108's "contributions":[quote]Rewatch Season 3 and have a better time. I have hated Trixie,'s look all along..only way the oddness works is how Kim Chi ( her great friend) kinda coopted it and made it awesome ( or Trixie morphed Kim's look into...whatever) .

Trixie may have overreacted in-the-moment and said something along the lines of, 'I can't believe you're doing this right now. Normally I’d hate that she was on All Stars but she’s rumored to act like a nightmare on this season and receive a villain edit, so I’m happy to see her crash and burn. There are all kinds of drag but those two are just exhibitionists. She even said she is very successful off the show but not on it. Trixie/Brian has talked a lot about his “fitness journey” which may have begun after the filming of AS3. I read somewhere that Ben had put drag on the back burner to concentrate on “straight” acting gigs and theater admin since his first appearance on Drag Race.

She'll seem fresher when she comes back, if she comes back. Did anyone listen to Jennifer Lewis on Ru Paul’s podcast? She told Ru (paraphrasing) “Shangela got voted out the first time she did Drag Race. Or maybe it means nothing at all.[quote]As Ru-vealed in a press release, Tituss Burgess, Nancy Pelosi, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kristen Chenoweth are among the new rotating arbiters[quote]Adam Lambert and Todrick Hall will also return to the panel, as well as Marc Jacobs, Shay Mitchell, Chris Colfer, Vanessa Williams, Constance Zimmer, Emma Bunton, Garcelle Beauvais, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, and Nicole Byer. Michelle Visage and Courtney Act come from the Drag Race family. Maybe meds will kick in or the nurse will escort him back to his room. I get it, but just can't get past her makeup, it really bothers me.

She just did an instagram live saying she needs to take a break, saying she isn't in a good mental space, talked about her long-standing fight against addiction. Well, a little break may be good for the both of us. How many other American Reality TV stars have built-in opportunities to pursue international work, outside of the few reality stars that have appeared on CBBUK? Overall I was pleased, happy to have this show back. I guess I am the only one that just isn't into Trixie's drag.

There was always the option to take a short break and not overschedule yourself. I would have done the same thing Ben did without a second thought.Since, you know, it was all getting to be a little repetitious. But that was before I’d had a chance to teach her how you stick around in a show like that! I don't watch the show, but I am surprised by how low-rent the drag is in that clip. Trixie offers a unique take on drag and with her other talents and intelligence creates a fresh set route for drag appreciation. Kennedy is a fantastic club performer but no one ever gets to see that on Drag Race. And the Americans that appear as judges on international versions of the Voice have mainstream music careers. You don't expect crazy people to get called out and shut up. As for Milk, I loved him on his season...named a kitten after him, but he does seem to have a bit of an attitude and that may turn me off.Most of them look like drag queens from the lesser bars in Dothan, Alabama. Her entrance made the others look like amateurs.[quote]Most of them look like drag queens from the lesser bars in Dothan, Alabama. The rumor is that Trixie wins so Katya took this time off to coincide with Trixie's post show victory engagements. And "the rumor" is too obvious to share.[quote]I like Bendala and Shangela. R74/R78/R88/R94/R104/R108/R114 and so on, who attacks transgenders, calls people who disagrees with it "idiots" (over drag, for Christ's sake), attacks other posters, shows its mental issues and is a racist who threatens DLers while mistaking them for other people: Keep cranking it out. I did think his talent was cute and original (for me).As someone that has attended far too many drag shows, no. I can see why others didn't like it though.[quote]but I knew as soon as she said "Chi Chi and Kennedy are the same queen, Kennedy got sent from the future to tell Chi Chi something." that some folks would have trouble with it.I wish drag queens in no name local bars had looks and make-up as developed as what was in that clip.[quote]R45 "Who would like to meet the queens" screams the presenter.... Fortunately, the queens are seasoned enough to respond with more than just a confirmation. Maybe he's a young journalist who was probably a little nervous. It’s a shame it wasn’t in HD and didn’t gave better production values. Don't you think Milk would rather look like Courtney Act? I had the same thought "some people are going to bitch about that innocuous joke"And yeah that bald look for Trixie is doing him no favors.

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