Sms2016 reports not updating

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Sms2016 reports not updating

so you only need to worry about the approved(deployed) count and made sure if always 0 to get your client PC compliant.If there are any updates requested by client and some of them are approved and if they appear in report ,client will become non-compliant. if you still have questions,please report them via comments section .=0 and Count of Deployed(Approved) Patches=0 then PC is Complaint Before you proceed to download the report,you need to understand few things how this SQL query is written and what filters are used in the report to achieve the task.Client becomes Non-Complaint only when there are updates needed by the PC otherwise ,we can say PC is Complaint.

IPAddress AS [IP Address] From v_Update_Compliance Status All UCS left join v_r_system sys on ucs.resourceid=sys.resourceid left join v_Full Collection Membership fcm on sys.resourceid=fcm.resourceid left join v_collection coll on coll.collectionid=fcm.collectionid left join v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM os on ucs.resourceid=os.resourceid left join v_gs_workstation_status ws on ucs.resourceid=ws.resourceid left join v_updatescanstatus uss on ucs. Resource ID left join v_Auth List Info LI on ucs.ci_id=li.ci_id INNER JOIN (SELECT IP1.resourceid AS rsid2, IPAddress = substring ((SELECT (IP_Addresses0 ', ') FROM v_RA_System_IPAddresses IP2 WHERE IP2.

I have not made any custom filtering on the required count ,i just bring all the updates what client requested for.

If you want to exclude the updates that are not deployed by your organisation ,you can edit the report for custom changes.

Another interesting report on software update compliance which will really helps lot of people in their daily job .

Did you ever receive requests to report compliance status(in one line report) for bunch of clients for ex: specific collection ?

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Management or Security guys do not really care about what software updates ,the computer is missing and they always look for final results i.e Compliant or Non-Complaint .