Startup speed dating

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Startup speed dating

Startup Speed Dating omogućava studentima da uđu u svet preduzetništva i startapima da se povežu sa visoko kvalifikovanim i ambicioznim studentima.Događaj je otvoren za sve koji imaju ideje, a nemaju tim, kao i one koji bi da se priključe startapu.Like Air Bn B, Good Shuffle could unleash the previously untapped power of local, individual-based inventory that has otherwise been locked up and unutilized.If every company is a now a technology company in the mobile and cloud age, then every person is potentially a business.After meeting and interviewing more than 40 startup entrepreneurs in roughly two hours, I can safely say that the speed-dating format can be useful beyond the search for a significant other.Fosterly, a community for startup entrepreneurs in the Washington, D. area, has been an important part of growing the excitement around entrepreneurship in a region that’s more known for stifling bureaucracy, indecisive politics and dazzling international diplomacy.Mossberg has lived in the region for decades but he’s usually seen the bulk of startup activity come from Silicon Valley, New York and other locations, he said. You can't say that you really get to someone in three minutes, but you definitely can get a glimpse of that entrepreneurial fire.So having the buzz and entrepreneurial activity in his own backyard is a welcome sign of the region's progress. Several of the founders I met were from startups that were pre-revenue and pre-launch.

Perhaps the best way to describe my experience in participating in the Day of Fosterly’s Media Match is to draw inspiration from one of pop music sage Katy Perry’s hits: I kissed a startup and I liked it.Za sve timove koji žele da se prijave za novu generaciju Startup centra, a nemaju člana tima koji je student Ekonomskog fakulteta, organizujemo poseban Startup speed dating koji će se održati 08. Svi koji imaju startap ideje, kao i studenti koji žele da se priključe nekom startapu.Dobrodošli su mladi sa svih fakulteta, kako bi se postigla raznovrsnost kandidata, odnosno njihovih znanja i veština.Zuckerman is already hearing from attendees that the event is something the organization should consider holding twice a year, he says.Fosterly has reached a milestone in securing All Things D’s co-founder and highly regarded technology journalist Walt Mossberg to deliver the keynote at this year’s event. The format of the Media Match event limited our interactions with the entreprenuers to roughly three minutes.

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