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The user settings are set either within the browser or through the Windows Control Panel. This configuration file overrides any user settings that are set in thefile and applies to the computer.

The details about the file are below: Screenshot of file on a Windows 7 32-Bit machine: As you can see its a simple 3 liner cfg file that needs to be created\copied in the corresponding folder to force your desired configuration.

I have not concentrated on security as is hosted internally and not published to the internet.

Find a suitable server that you already have in your environment that does not use any web service (in particular does not use port 80 or 443 for any communication).

After updating the CAB, we were able to install it as administrator, then a normal user could run the active X without an issue. I would expect it to be in SYSTEM32 or a web folder.

If you click on the properties of that object, you can see the path where it's coming from. I think this is giving a cryptic error message (specifically: "your security setting do not allow websites to use Active X control installed on your computer. It is probably marked as hidden or system so you may have turn on the display of hidden and system files mlmcc Already tried adding that to my web.config.

This part is required for any organisation who want to overcome the following scenarios: What we will have at the end of this is an internal web server which hosts the files for your clients to access, a DNS entry with a common name to access the files, and a scheduled task which runs a script to download the latest files every day (directly from the Adobe download site).

I've seen some issues where IE has stated that it's a permissions issue, but even setting IE on low permissions I'm not able to install it. I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible as there's not a lot of documentation on any of this.

I've tried the resolution here to store the printcontrol cab locally, but that just gets rid of the yellow IE warning box and does not resolve my issue. thread ID=1080708) How do I install this so that it's enabled for all users? After various poking around, I noticed the CAB version on the server was off compared to what I had on my local.

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Oh, and the same 60 image files loaded in around 1/20th of the time, and are currently consuming a mere 260K, instead of 100Mb .

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There are several sections that we need to individually configure to get it all to work, and at the end they should all work together to give us the end result of auto-updating clients in the enterprise.

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