Updating blob

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Updating blob

We also provided different deployment options to allow S3Proxy to run as a containerized application anywhere, including Dokku and Cloud Foundry. Then, let’s take a look at changes you need to make in your own application to store and retrieve content from Azure Storage with the S3 API.

S3Proxy leverages Apache jclouds Blob Store APIs to communicate with Azure Blob Storage.

For example: run a sample application against your S3Proxy instance, refer to the AWS Java sample app repo to test your S3Proxy deployment.Here are a few updates you may need to add to your own app to make it work with S3Proxy.AWSCredentials credentials = new Basic AWSCredentials(s3proxydemo Credential Key, s3proxydemo Credential Secret); client Protocol(Protocol.You have some files that stored in Share Point document library whichs streams are stored in RBS and even you deleted this files form Share Point Document Library you noticed that the Blob data in file system still remaining.Usually this is not a problem it is by design issue , because purpose of data recovery ,performance consideration, data integrity and safety the deleted files in real are not deleted immediately.

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