Updating recipient policies for hybrid coexistence

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Updating recipient policies for hybrid coexistence

This is a problem since we need to stamp the service domain as a proxy Address for all on premises users to ensure that when we migrate a user and set the service domain to be the target Address it matches the right user in the Office 365 tenant.The service domain also acts as target Address for availability requests for Office 365 mailbox.Yes, the new wizard will run even if the old wizard completed or partially completed in your environment.If there is no reason for you to update your old configuration you do not need to run the wizard now, but the next time you have an update to make you should use this new experience. However, the wizard has been updated to support the unique configurations that are required for Exchange 2010 Hybrid environments.

Just click on the link to the HCW when you are ready to run it, there is no need to even open the EMC.To find out more about the benefits of running the new HCW you can review our previous blog were we introduced the Office 365 Hybrid Configuration wizard.All you need is Exchange 2010 service pack 3, we do not check for the existence of any rollups.The service domain is used primarily for forwarding SMTP E-mail from on premises to the Office 365 tenant.We cannot use the *.namespace given to all users since that name is blocked from the Office 365 DIRSYNC process.

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