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Updating wikipedia

I did that for “IDEX”, but if International Development Exchange had named their Official Page “International Development Exchange” instead of “International Development Exchange (IDEX)” then they would have a Community Page named “International Development Exchange” with a Wikipedia Tab from the “International Development Exchange” Wikipedia Page. Find it and then sign up to edit your Wikipedia Page. Depending on your skill set, it could take a couple of hours to figure it out.The IDEX acronym altered the way Facebook created a Community Page for IDEX. You can do basic edits or get really advanced with your Wikipedia Page – like the Humane Society of the United States. I was able to edit IDEX’s Page because anyone can edit a Wikipedia Page.This increases the reach of the Wikipedia movement by providing more opportunities for people all over the world to access the materials.Some of the recent initiatives surrounding this project were documented in Wikimedia’s tech blog about a month ago (for more detail regarding the purpose for offline work, see the offline strategy page).Now that most nonprofits have a Community Page on Facebook in addition to their Official Page, it is crucial that nonprofits create a Wikipedia account to edit, maintain, and “Watch” their organization’s Wikipedia Page. Because Facebook Community Pages have Wikipedia Tabs that pull in your organization’s information directly from Wikipedia.For example, I used to work for a nonprofit called Global Exchange.

The main constraint with an offline product is the data size restrictions: the entirety of Wikipedia must somehow be condensed so that it fits on a CD, DVD, or USB stick.It is a source of health care information for half to nearly three-quarters of physicians and more than 90 percent of medical students.But Wikipedia is particularly important in low- to middle-income countries, where it offers a way around slow and expensive Internet access.The last week was a big week for expanding offline Wikipedia work.Right now, offline refers to supporting read access to Wikimedia content without an Internet connection.

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We strongly believe that the medical community has a responsibility to keep this online encyclopedia up to date.

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