Updating winamp

Posted by / 30-Jul-2017 20:38

Updating winamp

For those of you who want to be notified of plug-in updates without having to check the releases page you can subscribe to my plug-in update RSS feed which is updated when i make any plug-in updates (for more information see here).

As a quick update, I'm progressing on things at the new site and blog (which is the best place to follow what's going on) and today I've moved my existing Winamp download mirror to the new site.

All applicable links should now be being correctly redirected so if you think something is broken, please let me know, thanks.

It's been quiet from me as a lot has happened and a lot has changed in some respects and not much has changed in others.

For me I'm still looking for what direction things will take me with a number of ideas that I'm looking into the viability off after having taken some time off to re-charge the batteries as the last few years have been pretty much non-stop with minimal time-off (which doesn't make for a happy me at times).So what about me and Winamp, it's best to have a look at the new site and blog I've setup in the last few days which I've still to work out all the details off.This site will remain for specific updates for my own plug-ins with the new site more focused on some version of a 'patched' Winamp release.Finally, i've put up a mirror of the Winamp 5.666 build 3516 downloads as well as the required plug-in updates needed to have a stable Winamp install. Am in the process of migrating everything over to uk after the last decade on the hosting provided by Nunzio (which has been much appreciated).Not a lot else to mention as it is still unclear what is going to happen with Winamp, etc under the new ownership, hence no plug-in updates for a while (plus i need a break after the final few months with making the 5.66x release). I fully intend to keep developing Winamp plug-ins (as much as my free-time allows for it) with respect to everything which is going on with Winamp's future.

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Also whilst i've got the time, i'd like to thank the few people who have been kind enough to make a donation towards the plug-ins - it is all much appreciated so a thank you to all of you who have made a donation.

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