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Updating windows live messenger 2016

It and other desktop editions of the distribution are available for download at the project’s download page.After the download has completed, you may now use it to create a bootable USB stick.If you need to encrypt the Manjaro 16.10 side of this setup, see Disk encryption with Calamares, the Linux installer for assistance in using the installer’s disk encryption feature.If you follow the steps as given here, you should have yourself a dual-boot system running your favorite desktop flavor of Manjaro Linux and Windows 10 in about 12 minutes.Let the computer boot into the Manjaro Live desktop.While on there, launch Calamares, the distribution’s graphical installation program.Though it’s not indicated as such, partition 2 (/dev/sdb2), is the EFI System Partition (ESP).

At the end, GRUB, the Manjaro boot manager/boot loader, will be the default boot manager of the computer, which will give you the option of booting into Manjaro or Windows 10 whenever you (re)boot the computer. For a pain-free and successful operation of the sort that, it is recommended that you disable Secure Boot. From the BIOS or UEFI setup utility, configure the computer to boot from external media. After that, you need to free up disk space from your computer by shrinking the C drive or other partition with enough free space on it.For the root and /home partitions, we’ll be using the default file system, so there will no need to modify that when creating those partitions.Note that the installer does have support for disk encryption, but for this setup, we’ll not be using that feature.The next step in this operation is to download an installation image of the latest Manjaro Linux.The distribution comes in several desktop flavors, but for this article, I used an installation image of the KDE edition – Manjaro KDE 16.10.

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To accomplish that on Windows 10, use this article as a guide.