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[more] Volunteers give handjobs to the severely disabled NGO Hand Angel, an organisation promoting the sexual rights of disabled people.Over the course of a few months, they "smuggled" him out of his house and took him to a motel for a hand job Facebook deletes photo of breastfeeding mothers I'd posted the image with nipples and genital areas blurred (because I have had images removed before by Facebook where a woman's nipple was shown).

It's no wonder children ask where babies come from UK MP Tristram Hunt is right to propose sex education be extended to primary schools.

Porn comedy wins festival prize "Make Room", a comedy based on director Kei Morikawa's experiences in the porn industry, won the Grand Prix in the Fantastic Off-Theater Competition of the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival.

An anarchist defense of pornography Pornography continues to be a controversial issue, including among anarchists, whom one might expect to be among the strongest supporters of free sexual expression.

The bad news is that while for the past 10 years the rate of infection has been going down in every other industrialized nation, in Japan the rate has continued to rise, causing some experts to predict a coming AIDS “explosion”. AV is a huge business in Japan, with about 1000 companies producing more than 30 new titles, both legal and illegal, each day!

The problem seems to be caused by a low level of AIDS awareness in Japan where it is considered a “foreigners’ disease” and it is thus believed that one is safe unless one has intercourse with a foreigner. AV is easily available in Japan, and there are even vending machines for them on the street, although as a nod to the protection of minors the display is covered with a photo-sensitive material to black it out during the daylight hours.

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