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For example:int Door might be good as an Integer in when you initially write your code, but what happens when you find that you need decimals, as you would expect in Double? You can do a find all with int Door and change it to dbl Door, or perhaps cast it to another variable, like dbl Door = CDbl(int Door). I would have found it easiest just to name int Door as something like door_num, then the issue of simply changing its declaration at the very beginning of the code becomes trivial.

I'm pretty sure this was implied by your previous post, but I would hate for someone to skip step 2 and inadvertently cause problems later. At the start of macros put something like This then sets calculation back to whatever it was before your macro started running.Y por eso no me inspira para nada cambiar la versión de Excel.La sabiduría popular de internet dice "" y es mejor bug conocido que bugs por conocer. Y es que había funciones de 2010 que dejaron de funcionar y que funcionan en 2013, pero ahora en 2013 hay cosas de 2010 que funcionaban y en 2013 no funcionan (como el Screen Update). Formula ' See also Formula Array and Formula R1C1 etc ' Instead of: Sheet1. There is however a slightly faster (and less typing) method. More often than not people would use an If, Else Statement to test whether a condition is TRUE or FALSE.

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Si te cambias de nuevo, imagino que verás otras maravillas como las que se ven en el paso de 2010 a 2013.