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Virus definitions updating

A reference was included if it was (1) relevant to key questions; (2) a systematic review, meta-analysis, or primary research report; and (3) written in English.For each clinical syndrome, a standardized evidence table was prepared that summarized the data from each relevant article.Specific criteria for defining nasal and otic infections have been removed; categorizing these events should be based on evaluation by a clinical provider.Oropharyngeal and conjunctival infections were included with SSTIs as mucosal infections.For this reason, the surveillance definitions presented here may not be adequate for real-time case finding, diagnosis, or clinical decision making (eg, antibiotic initiation).Separate clinical guidelines address early identification of infections and appropriate initiation of antibiotic therapy in LTCF residents, which are both important for impacting resident outcomes.When evidence was limited or unavailable to inform changes to the definitions, expert consensus guided any modifications.Most of the studies we evaluated were small observational or uncontrolled case series that primarily addressed questions related to the utility of signs and symptoms for the purpose of diagnosing infection in older people.

At the time the Mc Geer Criteria were developed, these facilities rarely provided intravenous therapy or had on-site laboratory or radiology services for the diagnosis of new clinical problems.First we searched for relevant guidelines, using Medline, National Guideline Clearinghouse, Cochrane Health Technology Assessment, National Institutes of Health Consensus Development, and the US Preventative Services Task Force.On the basis of a review of those guidelines, each team developed a series of key questions.” These key questions further guided the evidence review used to revise the existing surveillance criteria.Next, a search of the primary literature was performed, using Medline, CINAHL, Embase, Cochrane Systematic Reviews, and the Cochrane Controlled Clinical Trials Registry.

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The majority of these studies did not clearly address questions about the utility of 1 or more clinical findings in the context of infection detection and surveillance in LTCFs or other healthcare facilities.

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