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I'll say it's above average, but somewhat good for what it was. This film had slow parts near the beginning and middle, which sadly brought the rating down, but for the most part it was entertaining.

I thought that they could have sped film up in those acts, but it tried to show too many characters.

In a few serious scenes, it had the right score in the background so that it's a drama. In an action/comedy, one of the main flaws would be the premise. It wasn't necessarily good, but it definitely wasn't bad.Three buddies wake up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas, with no memory of the previous night and the bachelor missing.They make their way around the city in order to find their friend before his wedding.In the end, there was also a fair amount of emotion in this mixed-genre film.For a usual mixed- genre film, it's just a movie that doesn't know what it wants to be.

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