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Who is sammie dating

It’s a 16-track project that captures his loves, his loves lost and his growing pains, especially on his favorite cut, “Quarter Century.” “I’m not ready to get married at all, but I’m still looking forward to settling down and getting to know somebody and to build with them,” he admits. I’m still under construction.” While, he’s still a self-proclaimed ladies man, he did speak on his current relationship.Beyond speaking on his leading lady, the ATL resident talked his goals in becoming one of music’s great.Sammi decided instead to put her boyfriend and relationship before anything else — and it seems like she made the right decision.Things could have gotten super awkward between her and Ronnie, especially after he admitted that he's still not over their split in a recent episode. Awesome haircut, Christian," to which he replied, "My mom don't [sic] like it smh." Okay, so maybe grammar isn't his thing, but we'll let that slide.But it's too late for Ron cause she's moved on, and her man is hot AF! (Photo Credit: Facebook) Based on her Instagram photos alone, it's clear that the 30-year-old is head-over-heels for Christian.Keep scrolling and check out everything you need to know about Christian! On several photos of the couple, she's captioned the snaps, "I can't get enough of him," and, "In love with this man." And her former that they all totally approve of her new hunk. He makes Sammi happy, so he's good in my book," Jenni revealed.Snooki Reveals What She'd Say to the Guy Who Punched Her If She Saw Him Today (EXCLUSIVE) If You Love the 'Jersey Shore,' You Need to Follow the Cast on Snapchat!Many remember Sammie as that prepubescent artist crooning about the crazy things we do for love. The 25-year-old artist (and attractive young man) still sprinkles the music biz with smooth R&B records about . Today, you can catch an eargasm from Sammie’s latest EP, .

“It’s more work, but I’m safe.” READ: Interview: Sammie Is Looking To Restore R&B’s Core With ‘I’m Him’ Project Sammie has weathered the proverbial storm that many child stars haven’t been so lucky to overcome.

The experience turned him off from managers and ignited an inner businessman that had been “suppressed” because the manager “coached” him to focus on his craft, rather than his finances.

Up until a year ago, Sammie was his own manager, answering emails under one name, and commissioning a friend’s help when he needed someone to be the “voice” of his manager character.

After dropping a gold-selling debut, , and another sugary single, “Crazy Things I Do,” Sammie fell back from the spotlight to find “normalcy.” He attended West Orange High School near Orlando, Florida, where he played basketball for two years and was named homecoming king.

In seemingly normal high school activities, Sammie says he discovered a “significance of self outside of music,” a balance between his stage persona and regular life.

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But the comeback meant defying his mother’s wishes.

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