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Whos brandon boyd dating

#nimblebastard #stateoftheart #glitterbomb @incubusofficial ✨❤✨ A post shared by Brandon Boyd (@brandonboyd) on February 2011: For Immediate Release: Hurley announces fashion and art collaboration with Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd to benefit H. "My relationship with Hurley began over a decade ago and was born of a mutual appreciation for surfing, music, art and like minds.

(Helping Other People Everywhere) Costa Mesa, CA., (February 22, 2011) Iconic surf brand Hurley announces collaboration with musician, artist and activist Brandon Boyd, lyricist and lead singer of the band Incubus, on an exclusive art-inspired fashion collection benefiting H. His watercolor and ink drawings result inimagery that is both beautiful and subtly stirring.

The proceeds will go to The Power House Project which helps to purchase and renovate foreclosed and abandoned homes in the heart of this country.

At the November 14 event open to the public, Brandon's popular original work "Spilling/Spinning" will be on display and will go up for auction on at the end of November.

And I am happy to have worked with TOMS Shoes on something so necessary and poignant" says artist, Brandon Boyd.Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has been hard at work on his latest solo project, Sons of the Sea—a collaboration with famed producer Brendan O’Brien—and he has a rather poetic way of describing his songwriting inspiration for the record.“There arrives a moment when the front door swings open and Muse shows up unannounced with all of her bags and her entourage! A multi-talented visual artist who works in a variety of mediums, Boyd took to his sketchbook for this project. His love of the ocean is often the catalyst in his efforts as an activist, and this collaboration was no exception.

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