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Wiki bludgeon org onlinedatingserviceutecezemem

One thing he does care about: he really, really gets focused on rivals and proving he's the best of them.

If the rival defeats him, hey, he'll just find a new one to obsess over, no matter how much damage he took from the last.

The Decepticon wondered if he'd be as smart without that ugly head of his.

Optimus Prime radioed Ironhide to hold off fighting Bludgeon until reinforcements arrived, but Ironhide didn't have the option.

Bludgeon, an adaptable sort, abandoned his previous plan and quickly organised an all-out assault: he ambushed them, boxed them in, and wore them down, personally murdering Slap Dash and wounding/killing Hubcap in the process. Bludgeon assured Megatron that he would not fail him. Dirge and Mindwipe complained that they had sneaked into N. Unfortunately for Bludgeon, the element of surprise would not be his, as a team of Autobots was waiting for him there, as their mission had been tipped off by an anonymous source.

Unfortunately, that's when the person Wheelie was really working for arrived: Megatron. Starscream, a spectator to this conversation, unwittingly expressed his displeasure—Earth was his, not Bludgeon's! Bludgeon immediately suspected Starscream of being behind this treachery, and, sure enough, Starscream made this quickly apparent.

Jolt hurled himself into the path of Bludgeon's blast, and as he lay wounded, Bludgeon rubbed salt into his wound by reminding him that none of this would have happened if he had just followed his orders.

Bludgeon attempted to deliver a killing strike with his sword, but Jolt rolled away at the last second, causing Bludgeon to embed his blade in the ground instead.

But what does he care, he just shot you with a cannon!And so, pretending to be after an unspecified goal, Bludgeon entered the city of Las Vegas and waited for the Autobots to notice.The Autobots' plan was to allow the Decepticon to leave the city and safely attack him in the empty desert, but the impulsive Jolt couldn't hold himself back, and leapt into battle before Bludgeon had departed.Bludgeon refused, citing the wrath of Megatron, and dove backwards off a waterfall.Megatron led the Decepticons on a mission to free the captured Soundwave. Bludgeon fought with Ratchet until an army of the Autobots' human allies surrounded the battlefield.

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While Bumblebee stayed inside to guard its precious data tracks from Soundwave, Ironhide headed outside, where he was happy to face Bludgeon in battle, ramming him off the road.

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