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Youdating comdatingforum

There are plenty of fine men who receive rejection as often as their female counterparts.

Each person has their own ideas about what they want in a spouse.

They also think that I am looking for excuses not to get married.

The guys I go out with all sound great and sometimes even seem great, too—until I get to know them better! Till now, I didn’t care too much, but now I’ve met someone I really like a lot.That said, there are incidents that are surefire red flags.It could be uncalled-for disappointment about the meal they ordered to flying off the handle in rage because of dissatisfaction of the service or seating, etc. More importantly, how does he treat you when you are not on a date?What can I do to find out if he will be abusive when we’re married? My parents think that I am just looking for problems when there aren’t any.All they talk about is the shidduch crisis at every Shabbos meal, and how bad it is for girls who want to get married but no one wants them.

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